[DRBD-user] Having Trouble with LVM on DRBD

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Sat Feb 27 06:10:50 CET 2016

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> Can you please try following constraints instead the ones you have:

> group g_drbd0 p_lvm_drbd0 p_fs_clust17 p_vip_clust17
> group g_drbd1 p_lvm_drbd1 p_fs_clust18 p_vip_clust18
> colocation c_clust17 inf: g_drbd0 ms_drbd0:Master
> colocation c_clust18 inf: g_drbd1 ms_drbd1:Master
> order o_clust17 inf: ms_drbd0:promote g_drbd0:start
> order o_clust18 inf: ms_drbd1:promote g_drbd1:start

Those constraints seem to be working great. I can move the g_drbd0 and g_drbd1 resource groups freely back and forth between the nodes. However, this creates a problem for me because there will be a number of mysql resources on the servers (p_mysql_001, p_mysql_002, p_mysql_003, p_mysql_004, etc.).  In the past when I used resource groups, stopping any one mysql resource stopped all of the others, and removing one mysql resource from the group did the same thing. That's why I stopped using groups. 

I don't mind going back to using groups for the p_lvm, p_fs and p_vip resources, but the end result must be this: each of the mysql resources should be dependent on one of the g_drbd resource groups, but  independent of all the other mysql resources. What syntax should I use for that?

And what was wrong with my constraints? Those work on my other clusters (but none of the others have LVM on drbd). 


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