[DRBD-user] Is DRBD9 ready for production

Julien Escario escario at azylog.net
Thu Aug 18 10:31:26 CEST 2016

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Le 11/08/2016 09:10, Ml Ml a écrit :
> Hello List,
> i wonder if DRBD9 is ready for production?
> I posted my Problem here:
>   http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2016-April/022893.html
> And i ran into this problem a few times now. So i switched to a 2 Node
> Setup (which works fine so far).
> Everytime i go back to a 3 Node Cluster it takes only a few days and i
> run into the "ASSERTION FAILED: pp_in_use" problem again.
> Please tell me if this is "just" a bug (bugs can happen) or if i
> should NOT use DRBD9 for production environment.

Just to give a little feedback : we're running a 3 proxmox nodes cluster with
DRBD9 and drbdmanage and everything works as expected.

Of course, it didn't went up out of the box and a test cluster was useful in
order to test drive everything together, know were the caveats are and what
could be done or not.

I've almost completed upgrade of our cluster with the latest proxmox version by
migrating one by one all VMs, upgrading, rebooting, etc ...

This should be done in a specific order and I had to read a lot of documentation.

Just to complete : we had a switch outage and our 3 nodes were full disconnected
at once a few weeks ago : nothing special happened, once the switch came back a
few minutes after, all ressources resync and we didn't had a crash and
split-brain, etc ...

The last strange behavior I had is that after rebooting nodes, a few ressources
were in state StandAlone. As it's a production cluster, I didn't try to resolve
this the proper way and ask for unassign/re-assign. This asked a full resync and
a little time but after, all ressources went back to normal.

So MY answer is : DRBD9 is production ready but be prepared to run a test
cluster and make some crash tests before going into production. Test cluster
MUST remain active to try any upgrade procedure before applying to production.

My 2cts,

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