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On 11/08/16 03:10 AM, Ml Ml wrote:
> Hello List,
> i wonder if DRBD9 is ready for production?
> I posted my Problem here:
>   http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2016-April/022893.html
> And i ran into this problem a few times now. So i switched to a 2 Node
> Setup (which works fine so far).
> Everytime i go back to a 3 Node Cluster it takes only a few days and i
> run into the "ASSERTION FAILED: pp_in_use" problem again.
> Please tell me if this is "just" a bug (bugs can happen) or if i
> should NOT use DRBD9 for production environment.
> Thanks,
> Mario

The answer to this depends entirely on your tolerance for risk and the
value you place on the new features. It is an X.0.y release, and one
that heralded a significant rework in how DRBD works.

Many people are running DRBD 9 in production just fine. So for them, it
is certainly production ready.

So to answer this question, I would suggest that you look at the new
features in DRBD 9 versus 8.4, and see if you need those features. If
so, then stick with DRBD 9 and just be extra sure to test as much as you
can and plan for features not yet released. If, though, 8.4 is good
enough for you and if your tolerance for risk is very low, then you
might want to stick with 8.4 for the time being.

Keep in mind as well; The more people that use DRBD 9, the faster it
will mature.

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