[DRBD-user] drbd9 cluster problems after reboot (related to resources definitions in /var/lib/drbd.d)

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Tue Aug 16 16:59:37 CEST 2016

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Il 16/08/2016 15:06, Roland Kammerer ha scritto:
> On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 02:27:31PM +0200, Roberto Resoli wrote:
>> I noted that this seems related to disappearance of resources
>> definitions under /var/lib/drbd.d/* (even if i know that text files
>> definitions for drbdmanaged resources should not be required.
>> Anyway, if I trigger recreation of /var/lib/drbd.d/*.res files issuing a
>> series of:
>> drbdmanage net-options --resource <target resource>  --max-buffers 8000
>> things tend to rapidly improve.
> In general it is a good idea to remove old, maybe outdated/leftover
> *.res files on startup. We had some issues with conflicting minor
> numbers and what not.

yes, I agree

> We removed them on startup, but only generated them later. With
> drbdmange 0.97.1 all res files get removed on startup, and the ones from
> known resources get created on startup immediately. 

This is strange: I just checked, and on my installation of 0.97-1, *.res
files get created  when drbdmanaged starts, but disappear after a while
(few seconds after start)

Tried multiple times issuing:

systemctl restart drbdmanaged.service && watch ls -la /var/lib/drbd.d

> This should help for
> example the manual "drbdadm" case.
> BTW: you don't have to set/uset resource options to trigger an export of
> res files:
> drbdmanage export-res "*" # the quotes are important

Yes, I forgot that drbdmanage subcommand. Thanks!


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