[DRBD-user] drbd9 cluster problems after reboot (related to resources definitions in /var/lib/drbd.d)

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Tue Aug 16 14:27:31 CEST 2016

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I'm running a drbd9 three node setup under Proxmox VE 4.2:

# cat /proc/drbd
version: 9.0.3-1 (api:2/proto:86-111)
GIT-hash: a14cb9c3818612dfb8c3288db28a591d5a0fc2a6 build by root at nora,
2016-07-28 10:59:06

# dpkg -l drbdmanage
ii  drbdmanage              0.97-1

I'm experiencing several issues upon rebooting one node of the cluster;
drbd seems not dealing well with it.

In particulare, i see that some of the resources on yhe just rebooted
node does not resync well with the others (Inconsistent or Outdated
volumes, mainly).

I noted that this seems related to disappearance of resources
definitions under /var/lib/drbd.d/* (even if i know that text files
definitions for drbdmanaged resources should not be required.

Anyway, if I trigger recreation of /var/lib/drbd.d/*.res files issuing a
series of:

drbdmanage net-options --resource <target resource>  --max-buffers 8000

things tend to rapidly improve.

Another issue related to missing textual resource definitions is that
drbdadm command does not work without them.

Any hint?


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