[DRBD-user] Basic DRBD link not syncing

Craig Thompson president at caldwellglobal.com
Mon Aug 15 23:09:48 CEST 2016

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First post to the list.  I've tried using search engines to find this info but haven't so far.

I have two servers.  They each run Xen hypervisor to support guest virtual machines.  They each have multiple LVMs for the underlying disk images of the virtual machines.

I have set up Machine A to be the Primary for Guest1.  Machine B is the Secondary for Guest1.

The config I have for each looks like this:

resource guest1 {
    net { protocol C; }
    device    /dev/drbd3;
    disk      /dev/vg0/guest3;
    meta-disk internal;
    syncer { verify-alg "md5" ; }

  on primary.host.domain {

  on secondary.host.domain {

I can use drbdadm and bring the resources up.  I can force a primary.  This initiates a full sync the first time.

However, if I emulate an outage on Machine B (secondary) for minutes or hours and then bring it back online, the syncing doesn't continue automatically.

I don't know what I'm missing in configuration(s).  I may be missing something in the overall picture.  But what I WANT to have happen is that DRBD sees when the link is down, pauses and then picks up syncing after an outage on the remote end.

If I run a 'drbdadm verify guest1', then it will initiate a review, sync the out of sync blocks and then say it's up to date.  

But if I go to the Machine A and create a new file on guest1, then shut down guest1 so that no other changes are made, and then I go to Machine B and bring guest1 up, the newly created file is NOT there.

So, I'm missing some key component that KEEPS things syncing after the initial sync is completed.

Help?  Documentation pointers?  FAQs?  How-Tos?

Thanks in advance.

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