[DRBD-user] Ubuntu 14.04 kernel now has drbd 8.4.5 but drbd-utils is still 8.4.4 so drbdadm wait-connect fails on netlink

Lionel Sausin ls at numerigraphe.com
Fri Oct 9 09:24:10 CEST 2015

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Basically Ubuntu delivers back-ported kernels as part of the official 
point releases, so DRBD gets upgraded too.
Usually all 8.4.x versions are compatible with 8.4.y tools, so I'm 
suprised you have connection errors.

We did have a problem during the ubuntu 12.04 timeframe because Ubuntu 
skipped from DRBD 8.3 to 8.4 - - eventually they patched the tools to 
make them compatible with both.
It took them and quite a bit of testing to fix that, so by all means 
please file a bug report against Ubuntu.

Anyway, one option you have is to downgrade to one of the previous 
kernels (search for packages named "linux-.*-lts-.*").
Another option is to compile the tools on your own, it's quite easy on 

Le 08/10/2015 18:44, Jacob.Van.Der.Meulen at esa.int a écrit :
> Hi,
> I installed two systems with Ubuntu 14.04 and updated them with all available
> updates. The kernel version is 3.19.0. It has drbd kernel module version
> 8.4.5 and drbd8-utils version 8.4.4. Now the drbdadm commands complain about
> the version mismatch "you should upgrade your drbd tools!" Even more
> problematic is that the command drbdadm wait-connect  comes with an error
> message "error creating netlink socket". This command is used in the standard
> start/stop script /etc/init.d/drbd.
> Unfortunately Ubuntu has no update yet for the drbd8-utils package. I found
> out that starting with drbd 8.4.5 the userland tools now have their own
> repository and have new version numbers (e.g. 8.9.4). I could not find out
> what version should be used for the drbd 8.4.5 version but it seems these
> versions can handle several drbd kernel versions. So I downloaded the version
> 8.9.4 and built it. As I do not want to get too much unknown changes to my
> Ubuntu configuration I just copied the drbdadm-84 and drbdsetup-84 to /sbin
> and replaced the /sbin/drbdadm and /sbin/drbdsetup by soft links to the 84
> versions. Now the wait-connect is not failing anymore. However the tool is
> still complaining about the version difference: "please don't mix different
> DRBD series.".
> I wonder if my approach does not have side effects as I only replaced drbdadm
> and drdbsetup.
> I wonder when there will be a Debian/Ubuntu package available with the new
> drbd-utils version which could be used on Ubuntu 14.04.
> I wonder why the new version of drbd8-utils complains on the drbd kernel
> module version while there is no drbd8-utils version 8.4.5 available.
> Has anyone already some answers?
> Regards,
> Jacob van der Meulen
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