[DRBD-user] Best practice: drbd+lvm+gfs2+dm-crypt on dual primary

Ivan ivan at c3i.bg
Mon Feb 2 20:44:42 CET 2015

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>> I'm not sure that two (or more) LUKS partitions are identical given
>> exactly the same cleartext content and the same keys. There must be some
>> kind of sector randomization when writing data to make cryptoanalysis
>> harder, so it makes me think that it's not the case (that would require
>> testing though).
>> If I'm right, I don't see how DRBD could work in that setup. (or maybe I
>> just need more sleep).
> LUKS is working on the LV, which will be backed by the PV on DRBD. DRBD
> doesn't know data, so it will simply replicate the LUKS structure
> faithfully to both nodes.
> Remember, for all intent and purpose, there is only one device/luks
> partition. DRBD is really no different from LUKS on /dev/mdX devices in
> this regard.

ah that's right - indeed more sleep needed. I've skipped the "clustered 
LVM" part and was thinking about two luks partitions.

sorry for the noise.

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