[DRBD-user] Get some issues on DRBD working with mtdblock

yaozhi.zhao(赵耀志) yaozhi.zhao at advantech.com.cn
Mon Apr 27 07:50:04 CEST 2015

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Dear all,

Many thanks for your time, I try to run DRBD on embedded system, spi flash(32MB) with mtdblock device node, but got some issues.
Kernel version: 3.2.61, DRBD version is 8.4.4( the same situations on 8.3.11), the flash has two partition( mtdblock6 is 16MB, mtdblock7 is 16MB), mtdblock6 is mount on /.data .
1.           Reboot system, the /.data would be lost after DRBD sync. After I turn off DRBD, the phenomenon has been improved, but not solved;
2.           I just set mtdblock7 in configuration file, but /.data(mtdblock6) would sync at the same time when sync, all of them are in one flash;
3.           The sync rate is too slow, only 150+k/s, I tried to modify the configuration file, but it is Invalid.

Running the same version of DRBD on Ubuntu with the same configuration(not MTD), the results are normal, the situation didn’t happen like before.
I try to find out the reason, but there is no direct evidence showing that is caused by mtdblock, and DRBD document not mentioned that either, could you give me some help or suggestions?
Thanks extremely for your help~ ☺

Best regards,

The configuration file:
resource res0 {
                           protocol C;
                           device    /dev/drbd0;
                           disk      /dev/mtdblock7;
                           meta-disk internal;
                           on nod1 {
                           on nod2 {
                           syncer {
                                         al-extents 3389;
                                         rate 50M;
                           disk {
                                         on-io-error detach;
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