[DRBD-user] drbd-8.4.6.tar.gz AND drbd-utils-8.9.2.tar.gz

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Tue Apr 7 21:43:13 CEST 2015

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I am proud to announce the availability of drbd-8.4.6 and the 
drbd-utils-8.9.2 packages.

One reason to be proud are some performance improvements, that
are useful for users of fast SSDs.

The other reason to be proud that this release brings two new
commands to the drbd-8.4 userspace:

drbdsetup status
   This command gives you an overview of the resources, devices
   and connection status. This is the successor of "/proc/drbd".
   Of course /proc/drbd is still there, and it will stay for all
   future releases of drbd-8.4.x.

drbdsetup events2
   This command is the successor of "drbdsetup events".

Both commands form a first link to the world of drbd-9. Both
commands also exist for drbd-9, both format their output
in the same way as on drbd-9. 

This allows you to port your monitoring infrastructure to this
new interface even before drbd-9 is released.

   In drbd-9 /proc/drbd no longer shows resource, device or connection
   status. The "events" sub-command no longer exists, it is replaced
   by events2 in drbd-9.

8.4.6 (api:genl1/proto:86-101)
 * fix failing of user space helpers since kernel 3.13. This bug is known as
   'out of mem, failed to invoke fence-peer helper'
 * fix connection timeouts for resources with multiple volumes
 * fix an issue with DRBD on linux software raid by properly remapping
 * fix a (hard to trigger) race condition between promoting to primary an
   connection handshake. In case the bug was hit the Primary got stuck in
   WFBitmapS connection state
 * Fix a NULL deref when resuming IO on a diskless primary
 * Fix compile issues with uncommon architectures
 * improvements to asender performance. With high end backing storage and
   networking equipment you may see IOPS improvements between 25% to 50%.
   Highest number on a single drbd seen by LINBIT so far: 160000 IOPS
 * backport of events2 and status commands from drbd9. This allows to be
   DRBD9 compatible starting with this release, and to get used to DRBD9
   compatible status reporting
 * support for lsblk in drbd


  * change systemd unit file: basically just call the init script
  * make some previously hardcoded timeouts configurable
  * drbdadm: New command peer-device-options
  * drbd 9: Move max_buffers to net_conf
  * drbd 9: Log errors to syslog if stderr is not available
  * init script: fixes for stacked resources
  * fix regression corner cases in bitmap size calculation
  * allow create-md to initialize peer-max-bio-size to 1M
  * drbd 9: make transport selectable
  * fix aggregating drbdsetup / drbdmeta exit statii
  * some documentation fixes (content and build)
  * added direct-connect command
  * incompatible drbd-9 metadata format change. use: node_id as index for
    peer_md instead of the bitmap_index
  * drbdadm/meta/usage_cnt: ensure output is visible
  * drbdsetup: fix arguments for all commands expecting a peer_device
  * exit codes: redefine E_USAGE to 1 (not 3)
  * some build changes
  * init script: on start, first try to load the module
  * drbdsetup events2: Improve how timestamps are assigned
  * udev rules (symlinks in /dev/by-res and by-disk) got fixed
  * Fixed upper limit for drbd-8.4 activity log entries
  * many fixes to drbdadm adjust and proxy commands for drbd-9
  * rhcs_fence: Do not invoke fence agents in parallel, rewrite in bash
  * drbdsetup events2 is now also available in drbd-8.4 (backported from
  * reorganized the repository have common code for drbd-9, drbd-8.4
    and drbd-8.3 only once
  * Fix drbd.ocf for resources without volume 0



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