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This will get sent long after you asked, so pardon if this is answered 
by someone else already.

STONITH is not dependent on a 3rd node; Each node is capable of fencing 
the other. The trick is having a device to do the fencing that is 
external to the nodes. That is to say, the fencing has to work, no 
matter what state the target might be in.

Typically this is done with the IPMI (iRMC, iLO, DRAC, etc) on the host 
of each node. So say node 1 fails, node 2 will log into node 1's IPMI 
BMC and force node 1 to power off.

An alternate way to do fencing is with a switched PDU, like the APC 
AP7900. In this case, if node 1 fails, node 2 will log into the PDU(s) 
and turn off the power feeding node 1.

As a somewhat separate topic, having the DRBD link use an active/passive 
bond with each link going to a different switch (ideally stacked with 
hitless failover) allows DRBD to operate without interruption, 
regardless of port, cable or even total switch failure.


On 29/05/14 12:10 PM, Chuck Payne wrote:
> I have a question on STONITH and DRBD and MySQL.
> We currently have two machines setup in our cluster. I was reading that
> it would be good to have a third machine that can do STONITH management.
> I been told that we can use switch or router.
> I wanted to ask what is the best thing to use, a virtual machine,
> switch, or router.
> If a switch or router, what are you guys using or recommend.
> We have a SonicWall that we are using as main router, could that be used?
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