[DRBD-user] Diskless / unclean metadata

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Feb 27 14:48:26 CET 2014

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On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 11:05:30AM +0100, olc wrote:
> Hi -
> On 24/02/2014 17:52, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> >>My primary node crashed today. I have had to reboot it but now it
> >>reports unclean metadata. :(
> >
> >How about a simple "drbdadm adjust all"?
> >
> >If you insist on doing the steps manually,
> >do a "drbdadm -d adjust all".
> >
> >To "up" a drbd resource with 8.4
> >there are more steps involved than there were with 8.3...
> >Which steps? See above.
> Thanks Lars. I could not make "drbdadm adjust all" to work (no
> usable activity log). As I'm just concerned with getting back the
> data, I have tested to modify the uuid's thanks to
> dump-md/create-md/restore-md, following the guide at
> http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-gi.html

NOOOOOOoooohhhhhh .... 


> Initial situation:
> uuid {
>     0x3AD1EEC6E5D55491; 0x8F95E078DD5699B8; 0x67ACDDB56C762980;
> 0x67ABDDB56C762981;
>     flags 0x00000013;
> }
> Modified to:
> uuid {
>     0x8F95E078DD5699B8; 0x0000000000000000; 0x67ACDDB56C762980;
> 0x67ABDDB56C762981;
>     flags 0x00000013;
> }
> The drbd resource was then happy to start as primary. Unfortunately,
> I haven't been able to mount the ext4 partition: "wrong fs type, bad
> option, bad superblock on /dev/drbd0". I have tried many things
> (working on dd'ed device) but nothing doing: seems to be mission
> impossible. I have just been able to recover lots of file with
> photorec but this does not help so much (there is 50 billions files
> on the FS, no way to retrieve which is which without knowing the
> path/filename). Anyway, we are out of the drbd topic here: this is
> related to ext4.
> BTW, in such situation when you don't care on the drbd's metadata, I
> think that you can just get rid of the drbd stack and mount the
> device directly as is. Knowing that could have saved lots of time
> here.

You want to bypass DRBD?

Stop DRBD.

mount -t ext4 /lower/level/device

Done ;-)

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