[DRBD-user] Considerations for using bcache on top of DRBD

Berto Bermudez berto at momar.com
Mon Feb 17 21:06:33 CET 2014

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You didn't indicate where in your setup the SSDs would sit. I would suggest you look at also replicating the ssd contents using drbd and layering bcache on top of that, so that in the event of failover you don't have the penalty of cold caches. 

HDDs <-- md/raid <-- LVM <-- DRBD <-- bcache |<-- ext4
                                              SSD<-- DRBD <-- bcache |

There was a talk about something similar, but using flashcache http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l910kiEuHOM 

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I am interested in using an SSD with bcache on top of DRBD for improved read performance. Data integrity is the primary concern, so writethrough would be the bcache mode I use. Has there been any testing done with bcache on top of DRBD? Are there any things in particular I should consider during testing and deployment?

The entire stack would be:
HDDs <-- md/raid <-- LVM <-- DRBD <-- bcache <-- ext4


Andrew Martin
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