[DRBD-user] Reload vs. restart to deploy new config?

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Tue Sep 3 14:42:16 CEST 2013

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> Hi,
> DRBD being a kernel module, it does not have an actual "service" to 
> restart.


> "drbdadm adjust all" should be enough in most cases.
> If you changed something to the network config, it's safer to "drbdadm
> disconnect" the resources first, adjust the nodes and then reconnect.

Perfect, thanks, that was what I was looking for in a totally wrong 



> This can be done without interrupting production.
> Just remember to have the exact same config on both nodes.
> It's useless to unload the module unless you upgrade it.
> Check your distro's script to know what "service drbd restart" does,
> but probably it will stop production when it's not necessary.
> Lionel Sausin.
> Le 02/09/2013 08:18, lists at riscworks.net a écrit :
>> Hi list,
>> I'm about to replace a node (running as secondary) already being 
>> orbited by its own debris by a new machine.
>> Having edited the config on the primary node (replaced the lines of 
>> the old node by the appropriate settings for the new one, i.e., IP 
>> address) I see that a 'service drbd reload' does not deploy the new 
>> config -- the (new) secondary still is not able to connect to the box 
>> running as primary. Networking is perfectly alright between the 
>> machines, I assume the primary just not being aware of the (new) 
>> secondary right now.
>> As it's an in-production setup, I'm a bit hesitating to issue a 
>> 'service drbd restart' on the primary, additionally because it's 
>> highly speculative for me if it'd fix the problem. So, is there the 
>> need to *restart* DRBD to pick up the new config?
>> I'm running latest CentOS 6.4 x86_64 with DRBD 8.3 from elrepo:
>> kmod-drbd83-8.3.15-1.el6_3.elrepo.x86_64
>> drbd83-utils-8.3.15-1.el6.elrepo.x86_64
>> Thanks,
>> Timo

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