[DRBD-user] Update from DRBD 8.3.x to 8.4.4 and memory consumption

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Thu Oct 31 16:48:13 CET 2013

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I would like to update DRBD from v8.3.10 to v8.4.4 in my environment and
have question about memory usage.

I used minor_count=255 for DRBD (do not know how many resources we will
have in the running system) module parameter in DRBD 8.3 and noticed
that after update to 8.4.4, DRBD allocates about 256MB memory in case of
usage minor_count=255. Do I need set minor_count to 255 in case when I
do not know how many resources I will have in the running system? Should
I use minor-count option in config file? What is the difference?

Additional when I try to attach (without starting replication process)
very big resources e.g. 16TB sometimes I get OOM killer because of not
enough memory. Does DRBD need about 32MB memory for each 1TB of data
assumption of using default values?

Thanks in advance

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