[DRBD-user] changing one side of DRBD resource to new server/disk

Paul Raines raines at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 20 21:47:39 CET 2013

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I setup a basic DRBD resource called vmpool1 (/dev/drbd0) that is using disk 
/dev/sdc1 on server1/subnetA (primary) and server2/subnetB (secondary -- 
remote location).

But I want auto failover so I bought server3 to go in subnetA and want to 
change this to a setup where server1 is primary, server3 is the new secondary 
and server2 is changed to stacked.  Due to the remote location I cannot simply 
move server2 to subnetA and put server3 at subnetB.

Is there a way to do this live?

Is it as simple as doing on server2

   drdbadm down vmpool1
   /etc/init.d/drbd stop
   drbdadm wipe-md vmpool1

Then editing the vmpool1 resource file in /etc/drbd.d/ on server1 to use
server3's IP instead of server2's, copying that to /etc/drbd.d/ on
server3 and on server3 running

   drbdadm create-md vmpool1
   /etc/init.d/drbd start

Then on server1 maybe doing

   drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 primary -o

Then I would copy the new vmpool1 resource file to server2 and also create a 
new resource file for vmpool1-U on all 3 servers that sets up server2 to use 
its /dev/sdc1 as a stacked resource. Then on all 3 servers I would run

   drbdadm up vmpool1-U



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