[DRBD-user] Ahead / Behind Log Messages

J.R. Lillard jlillard at ghfllc.com
Mon Nov 11 18:34:26 CET 2013

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I'm using Ahead / Behind mode on all my stacked resources.  I just noticed
this morning that when a resource falls behind it spews tens of thousands
of messages into my syslog.  Can this be turned off?  Over the last 6 hours
I've received about 60,000 messages like this one.

kernel: [1012720.805407] block drbd50: w_start_resync later...

And 10,000 of these.

kernel: [1003951.022263] block drbd10: Congestion-fill threshold reached

2,500 of these.

kernel: [1011032.612898] block drbd50: Congestion-extents threshold reached

J.R. Lillard
System / Network Admin
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