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Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
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The only dumb questions are the unasked question, and the question asked a second time<g>.

If you have run a verify, then all the out-of-sync blocks are marked. cat /proc/drbd should show very large numbers of "oos" (Out Of Sync) blocks. Simply disconnect/reconnect the resource and it will resync the out of sync blocks in the proper direction. The disconnect/reconnect can be done on the Primary or Secondary, it doesn't matter. Forcing a sync will sync all blocks, but your verify has already determined which need to be updated. It will be faster, but still quite a lot of data, I'd imagine. You will want to do the disconnect/reconnect at a low-use time of day, but I'm not sure waiting for the weekend is a good idea. You have no reliable redundancy until the oos count is zero.

Verify only marks oos blocks and produces a message - it doesn't change the status of the disks.



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Hello Lars,

   I have a real dumb question.   I have created mirrors, between two peers (active/passive) but did not do the initial sync.  I was going to wait until the weekend to do that.   However I had forgotten that I had placed "drbdadm verify all" in my cron, and not it is verifying.   It had marked the volumes "UpToDate".   My question are these volumes really "UpToDate" or will I have to run "drbdadm primary --force", or actually invalidate one then force the synchronization?


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