[DRBD-user] Install packages after DRBD startup

Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Thu Mar 21 21:49:39 CET 2013

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From: "Jeronimo L. Cabral" <jelocabral at gmail.com>
> I have a DRBD [cluster, consisting of] two Elastix / CentOS servers. It
> works OK.  But after that I need to install some extra packages from
> [the] Elastix repositories via yum.  How can I do that?

Add the appropriate repository to /etc/yum.repos.d/ , then "yum install -y
PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 PACKAGE3..." .  If these packages are built the way RPMs
usually are built, then they will only install things in /usr and possibly
/var .

> Maybe stopping the drbd service in both servers and installing the
> packages, or installing the packages in the active drbd server and
> after that, [moving] to the secondary server and [making it primary]
> and after that [installing] the packages?

If this is a primary/secondary setup, then you'll probably need to install the
packages on both machines.  Sharing /usr via DRBD in a primary/secondary setup
is not possible (or at least, not smart) because the secondary machine won't
have /usr available.  Similar things for /var .  As far as I can tell, most
people using DRBD tend to make a mountpoint called /data or /drbd or something
like that, then have the primary mount the DRBD device on that mountpoint. 
Then you have your database/fileserver/Xen VMs/whatever live on /drbd .

If at all possible, you'd have your Elastix config set up so that the active
server kept its important data on /drbd , so that when the primary machine
dies, the cluster manager promotes the secondary machine, various scripts run,
the new primary mounts /drbd, and Elastix starts on the new primary.  So,
users only notice a few seconds of downtime.  I think.  I've never heard of
Elastix before today, though, so there may be details that I don't know

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