[DRBD-user] Network setup question with bonding and ARP monitor, best practice values

Maurits van de Lande M.vandeLande at VDL-Fittings.com
Wed Mar 20 14:50:23 CET 2013

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I using a bonded interface for drbd and corosync. Each interface is connected to a different network switch, therefore I'll use mode 1 (active-backup). Sometimes a switch is blocking traffic but is still connected on the link layer.

When using miimon to check for active connection a blocked switch is not detected. Therefore I'm using
ARP monitoring and I few IP targets beyond the directly connected switches.

My question is:
What is a good value for arp_interval? I'm using 500ms. Are there some best practice values?

This is a snipped of my config
# For the bonding failover, arp monitoring is used.
# Do not use the directly connected switch IP addresses
# to the network interface but devices beyond the
# directly connected switches.
# use IP address on the same subnet as the bonding interface!

# ON MER1 USE : vmhost1, san1a, san2a, san3a
#BONDING_OPTS="mode=1 arp_interval=500 arp_validate=all arp_ip_target=,,,"

# ON MER2 USE: vmhost1, san1b, san2b, san3b
BONDING_OPTS="mode=1 arp_interval=500 arp_validate=all arp_ip_target=,,,"
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Maurits van de Lande

Van de Lande BV
The Netherlands

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