[DRBD-user] Relocating secondary volume

Charles Lyons - ConnetU charles at connetu.com
Thu Jul 25 23:27:17 CEST 2013

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Hi Arnold,

Thanks for that input.

In your proposal, the old secondary will still be attempting to connect 
to the primary as it isn't taken down. Is that likely to cause any 
issues or will the primary just not accept the connection as its peer IP 
doesn't match the expected one?

I like your general approach though. It begs another question:

If we snapshot a copy of the secondary over to the new node before your 
step (5), will the sync process just copy the data between the time the 
snapshot was taken and step (5) or would it still require a full re-sync 
(hence having gained nothing)? I ask because the primary will have 
successfully written more data to the old secondary than is consistent 
on the new secondary - I'm wondering if that causes a problem confusing 
the blocks of data to be synced from the primary (depending on the 
internal structure of the metadata with which I'm unfamiliar).

I'd give this a try myself in a lab, but unfortunately don't have 
sufficient hardware spare at the moment. Hoping someone with protocol / 
"inner workings" experience will know the theoretical answers to save 
some time.

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