[DRBD-user] Nodes do not connect

Michael Dukelsky drbdm at mail.ru
Wed Dec 11 12:24:26 CET 2013

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10.12.2013 21:16, Nelson Hicks wrote:

> It sounds like there's no IP connectivity between the hosts. Double check the IP addresses
> in the resource config file and make sure the primary can ping the second node and vice
> versa. You may have an error in your network configuration file or need a network driver
> installed. I'm not familiar with OpenSUSE, so I probably can't help you more than google
> can with that part.

No, there is no problem with the IP connectivity, the problem is with the DRBD. If I look 
at tcpdump log, I see that the nodes talk to each other via the configured port 7789 but 
the connection state WFConnection stays unchanged.

> The console message says DRBD is configured to wait forever for the DRBD resource to wake
> up, so if there's a problem with the network settings on the second node (or the first
> node), DRBD will prevent bootup from continuing.
> I have the same problem with typing 'yes' to the console to bypass that prompt not working
> on my Ubuntu servers, so I don't know what to do about that except to set a wfc-timeout in
> the drbd.conf file.

My main problem is certainly not this little bug with ignoring 'yes', but that the 
connection state is not changed from WFConnection to Connected and hence the secondary 
node is not used.


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