[DRBD-user] Nodes do not connect

Michael Dukelsky drbdm at mail.ru
Tue Dec 10 11:17:16 CET 2013

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I have a 2-node setup (primary-secondary), each node has hardware RAID1 and one 
of the partitions is used for drbd. No LVM is used, just ext4. Everything worked 
fine until I decided to reinstall the OS on both nodes. I had some reasons to 
reinstall instead of upgrading. I made it first on the second node, then on the 
first one, so each time one copy of files was intact and the other node files 
were restored by synchronization.

There is a problem now. If I reboot the second node I get the following at the 

DRBD's startup script waits for the peer node(s) to appear.
- In case this node was already a degraded cluster before the
   reboot the timeout is 0 seconds. [degr-wfc-timeout]
- If the peer was available before the reboot the timeout will
   expire after 0 seconds. [wfc-timeout]
   (These values are for resource 'r0'; 0 sec -> wait forever)
To abort waiting enter 'yes' [ 222]:

Typing yes changes nothing except "To abort waiting enter 'yes' [ nnn]:" is 
printed once more. In another console I see

1:r0  WFConnection Secondary/Unknown UpToDate/DUnknown C r-----

And no connection appears. How can I make the nodes to connect?

I use opensuse 12.3 with DRBD module version 8.3.13 and userland version 8.3.11 
installed from the repository.

Best regards,
Michael Dukelsky

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