[DRBD-user] Performance Issues on version 8.3.13

Sebastian Riemer sebastian.riemer at profitbricks.com
Thu Apr 25 17:58:01 CEST 2013

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Hi Tim,

from my experience there is no noticeable benefit of using Protocol A
instead of C.

So you're doing random write IO with fio?

The 500kb/s are what a single HDD is only capable of. The higher number
on the disconnected primary is caused by caching.


On 25.04.2013 17:18, GG-Net Mailing wrote:
> Well, that's why i use Protocol A so i have asynchronous sync. 
> I tested using FIO, too. All my results there around 40mb/s with drbd disconnected.
> Once I started DRBD I had round about 500kb/s in all of my tests.
> So the problem isn't the throughput of the network.
> That's why I'm asking, if there is any known issue or workaround regarding this.

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