[DRBD-user] What can cause ": I shall become SyncTarget, but I am primary!'

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Thu Nov 29 20:22:21 CET 2012

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On 11/29/2012 07:56 PM, John Anthony wrote:
> Also - Is it safe to invalidate the secondary ? that should initiate a
> sync, correct ?

Well, yes, but...

> Nov 29 05:39:26 PRDIQ kernel: block drbd42: self
> 862535653F3D9257:0001000000000000:0001000000000000:872E75BBB0EABE21
> bits:7042712 flags:0
> Nov 29 05:39:26 PRDIQ kernel: block drbd42: peer
> 15AA34CF8AEBA160:862535653F3D9256:0001000000000000:0001000000000000
> bits:4043592 flags:0

This looks extremely funny. How did you end up like this?

Both nodes show lots of writes, look at all the set bits. Your primary - 
has it ever been secondary? Because there doesn't seem to be a valid 
UUID it is tracking changes against.
Now the secondary - it has tracked changes from the UUID last seen on 
the primary. This looks sane enough. Still, I would have thought that 
DRBD would consider this split brain. The more you know...

So invalidating may help - I'm really not sure. What DRBD version is this?


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