[DRBD-user] dedicated network connection

marcus marcus at kermitplace.us
Sun Nov 25 20:46:36 CET 2012

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Thank you for making this product available!

In your documentation you say:
"It is recommended that you run your DRBD replication over a "dedicated 
connection", preferably  a "direct, back-to-back, Gigabit Ethernet 

Does this mean a second NIC (in each host) on the same subnet,
a second NIC (in each host) on a different, separate switch and subnet,
or a second NIC (in each host) and a configured cross-over cable??

I am configuring 2 servers on a small network.  One as primary and the 
second as a hot standby.  I want to use DRBD to replicate  the data 

thanks in advance

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