[DRBD-user] Drbd : PingAsk timeout, about 10 mins.

simon litao5 at hisense.com
Tue Aug 21 09:40:34 CEST 2012

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Hi Pascal,


I can’t reproduce the error because the condition that it issues is very especially.  The Master host is in the   “not real dead” status. ( I doubt it is Linux’s panic). The TCP stack maybe is bad in Master host. Now I don’t want to avoid it because I can’t reproduce it. I only want to succeed to  switch form Master to Slave so that my service can be supplied normally. But I can’t right to switch because of the 10 minutes delay  of Drbd.


I run “drbdsetup 0 show” on my host, it shows as following,


disk {

        size                    0s _is_default; # bytes

        on-io-error             detach;

        fencing                 dont-care _is_default;

        max-bio-bvecs           0 _is_default;


net {

        timeout                 60 _is_default; # 1/10 seconds

        max-epoch-size          2048 _is_default;

        max-buffers             2048 _is_default;

        unplug-watermark        128 _is_default;

        connect-int             10 _is_default; # seconds

        ping-int                10 _is_default; # seconds

        sndbuf-size             0 _is_default; # bytes

        rcvbuf-size             0 _is_default; # bytes

        ko-count                0 _is_default;


        after-sb-0pri           discard-least-changes;

        after-sb-1pri           discard-secondary;

        after-sb-2pri           disconnect _is_default;

        rr-conflict             disconnect _is_default;

        ping-timeout            5 _is_default; # 1/10 seconds


syncer {

        rate                    102400k; # bytes/second

        after                   -1 _is_default;

        al-extents              257;


protocol C;

_this_host {

        device                  minor 0;

        disk                    "/dev/cciss/c0d0p7";

        meta-disk               internal;

        address                 ipv4;


_remote_host {

        address                 ipv4;




In the list ,  there is  “timeout                 60 _is_default; # 1/10 seconds”.







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Hi Simon !


Sorry for the delay, return day to work, busy day...

Eeh yup, if the former master is down, that’s effectively a fairly good reason for having a down replication network… J Just to better understand your specific context, could you please let me know what “cat /proc/drbd” does report, especially during this blackout period of 10 minutes if you may reproduce it, and also “drbdsetup 0 show” and “crm configure show”, just to have the big picture of your configuration.






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Hi Pasical,


Thanks your reply. 


Yes, the network was bad.  Master host was dead so that Slave host took over its work and mount the drbd partition on Slave host. When mounting , the timeout issued.  But the default timeout of network of drdb is 6 senconds (it can be set in drbd.conf).  But it failed to take effect.  why?


Do you have a good idea to make it switch from Master to Slave immediately in the network anomaly?  






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