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On 2012-08-17, 11:38, "J.R. Lillard" (jlillard at ghfllc.com) wrote:
I was wondering if it's possible to to create a DRBD resource on top of another one without using the stacked configuration options.  I would like to establish a Protocol A with Proxy between node-b and node-c.  This will be over a WAN.  Then I want to establish a Protocol C between node-a and node-b.  node-a will know nothing about the proxy or node-c.  When I create the resource on node-b that syncs with node-a I will simply use the resource already established to sync with node-c.  My goal is to make node-a operate as efficient as possible without the connection to node-c slowing it down.

That is an interesting scenario for sure, but it seems you have designed a split brain scenario, and that's bad.  The hole I see is what if node b is primary on Cluster A, but secondary on Cluster B, you are now pushing BAD data onto the Primary in Cluster A, and have just trashed all your data. I may be misinterpreting your use of the term Proxy, but I don't see how to maintain consistency.



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