[DRBD-user] How to create a xen sr with drbd and lvm stripe

Henning Ryll henning at die-rylls.de
Tue Apr 10 17:24:06 CEST 2012

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I  would like to get the following configuration work,
but I don' understand how to configure :(.

- 2 Identical FSC 550 workstations running Xenserver 6.0
- each workstation with 2 SATA-II harddisks
- all harddisks are same type with identical patitions
- one drbd resource with two volumes  (sda3 / sdb3)

What I have done so far (on both machines) ..
- installed xenserver on sda, but without any local storage repository.
- create partitons sdb1 & sdb2 like sda, but I dont use it yet.
- create patitions sda3 & sdb3 with gdisk (need GPT)
- installed the drbd modules 8.4.1.
- created a global config and a resource config for drbd
- configured separate network device for drbd with iptables entrys

The machines are up now and I get two devices /dev/drbd0 and /dev/drbd1 on 
machine 1.
After setting machine 1 to primary and starting mirroring with drbdadm to 
machine 2 it took about 1 hour. Now drdb-overview says 'uptodate'.
Easy until now.

But how to gon on?
All samples in the documentation are based on a single volume scenario.
But I would like to use sda3 and sdb3 as stripe with lvm as a xen storage 

So I decided to create a physical volume for /dev/drbd0 an one volume for 
/dev/drbd1 connecting them to a volume group. The right way?
Without xen the next step is easy too. lvcreate with "-i2" parm will create a 
striped lvm volume.

But creating a xen storage repository's is done with a "xe sr-create" command.
No place to put the 2 devices /dev/drbd0 and /dev/drbd1 nor a option to create 
a striped volume.
No need of creating any lvm volumes ?!

Help is very welcome ...


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