[DRBD-user] Automated entries in /dev/mapper

Florian Haas f.g.haas at gmx.net
Tue Sep 6 18:24:18 CEST 2011

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On 09/06/11 17:34, Noah Mehl wrote:
> I have made the following changes to the lvm.conf:
> filter = [ "r|/dev/vdb.*|", "r|/dev/disk/by-path/*|", "r|/dev/block/*|", "a/.*/" ]
> write_cache_state = 0
> I have deleted the /etc/lvm/cache/.cache
> But, every time I reboot, even though pvdisplay and vgdisplay doesn't show my /dev/vdb1 pv, and nfs vg, I still get the lv's in the /dev/mapper folder.  This is a problem when I start drbd, it says the lower level device is busy.  Any ideas?

Your lvm.conf is likely included in your initial ramdisk, and you
probably forgot to update that. Thus, your LVM volumes are probably
being enabled by the initrd, and this preempts DRBD.

Update your initrd, reboot, and see if the problem persists.


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