[DRBD-user] Automated entries in /dev/mapper

Noah Mehl noah at tritonlimited.com
Tue Sep 6 17:34:51 CEST 2011

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Hey all,

I've got a Ubuntu 10.04 virtual machine and I'm having a problem with drbd lv's showing up in /dev/mapper.  Details:

I have a virtual disk: /dev/vdb with one partition: /dev/vdb1.  I have an nfs resource:

resource nfs {
	device /dev/drbd0;
	disk /dev/vdb1;
	meta-disk internal;
	on nfs01 {
	on nfs02 {

I have made the following changes to the lvm.conf:

filter = [ "r|/dev/vdb.*|", "r|/dev/disk/by-path/*|", "r|/dev/block/*|", "a/.*/" ]

write_cache_state = 0

I have deleted the /etc/lvm/cache/.cache

But, every time I reboot, even though pvdisplay and vgdisplay doesn't show my /dev/vdb1 pv, and nfs vg, I still get the lv's in the /dev/mapper folder.  This is a problem when I start drbd, it says the lower level device is busy.  Any ideas?


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