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Yes, the drbd it's replicating over SDP sockets.

Yes, I know that fixes, the problem it's I think they are not possible 
to have in Centos 5, because the kernel it's too old, correct me if I'm 

How it's the state of art with drbd+sdp in Centos 6? I have been reading 
a couple of guys posting on the mailing, complaining about problems with it.

We also need to change to newer versions because NUMA and Pinning stuff 
with updated libvirt and kernel, but we are dependent on Centos 6 
drbd+sdp 100% supported.

Thanks for all your help,
Igor Neves

On 07-10-2011 13:05, Florian Haas wrote:
> On 2011-10-07 13:14, Igor Neves wrote:
>> Hi Florian,
>> # rpm -qa  opensm infiniband-diags openib
>> openib-1.4.1-6.el5
>> infiniband-diags-1.5.3-1.el5
>> opensm-3.3.3-2.el5
>> Kernel it's 2.6.18-238.19.1.el5.
> You didn't give your drbd.conf. If this is a resource that replicates
> over SDP, then please be advised that you shouldn't use DRBD over SDP
> with OFED<  1.5. Lars fixed a couple of critical bugs in OFED SDP when
> SDP support was added to DRBD, and as far as I remember those fixes did
> not make it into any OFED 1.4.x release. Lars will hopefully correct me
> if I mis-remember.
> Cheers,
> Florian

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