[DRBD-user] Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS and DRBD

Nick Morrison nick at nick.on.net
Thu Nov 3 01:57:17 CET 2011

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This question relates to both DRBD and Ubuntu.

Even though 12.04 LTS is just around the corner, I need a couple of pairs of new DRBD machines in production.  Using 10.04.3 LTS, I can "apt-get install drbd8-utils", and it neatly compiles a kernel module and installs the userland tools, which is great, and even seems to work :-),

but they're version 8.3.7.

Should I go out of my way to upgrade to 8.3.9 or higher, or is using this version on Ubuntu "supported"? :-)

Will my servers melt and delete my bytes if I use 8.3.7?  Or should I be fine?


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