[DRBD-user] drbd on existing partitions

Stefan Seifert nine at detonation.org
Mon Mar 14 09:33:03 CET 2011

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On Monday 14 March 2011 09:12:00 Krishna PMV wrote:

> Can I assume this way of avoiding inital sync`ing by drbd and using rsync
> would guarantee consistent mirroring as seen by drbd? Will I see any
> problems when I promote my secondary server to primary?
>  My understanding is that rsync identifies file level changes and syncs
> though it replicates only blocks modified.

rsync copies files, not file systems. So while your files may be identical, your 
filesystems will not, so when drbd synchronizes some blocks, your file system on 
the secondary node will be shot completely, since those blocks will definitely 
be different than on the primary.

But what's your problem with initial sync anyway? Your resource does _not_ 
have to be down while syncing. It does sync in the background with you 
hopefully not even noticing anything. If the sync is a problem for your normal 
operations, then you'll have problems anyway and should change your setup.


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