[DRBD-user] Primary Inconsistent- not true, how to fix?

Christian Völker cvoelker at knebb.de
Sun Jul 24 22:28:53 CEST 2011

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I'm having a two node setup here and serious issues.

node1 was running all the time without any issues.
node2 was rebooted and syncing.

As both are backed by LVM I added the "use-bmbv" in disk {} section on
both drbd.conf files. To update config I started a "drbdadm adjust
drbd0" on node 1. On node2 this command refused as it was still syncing.
node2 got rebooted again.

Now my node1 shows up as: "cs:StandAlone st:Primary/Unknown
ds:Inconsistent/DUnknown   r---"

The log file tells me:
drbd0: Considering state change from bad state. Error would be:
'Refusing to be Primary without at least one UpToDate disk'

So I know for sure node2 is not up-to-date as it was syncing while the
primary got StandAlone. I want to use the primary and tell him to use
the disk as it is without loosing any data.

What can I do here?

Any help would really be appreciated.


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