[DRBD-user] cs: Unconfigured

Stefan Seifert nine at detonation.org
Thu Jul 21 13:59:51 CEST 2011

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On Thursday 21 July 2011 13:50:46 Dan Barker wrote:
> Diskless means just what it sounds like. The disk is not available.
> Probably it’s been grabbed by the LV manager. A primary/diskless node will
> simply do I/O on the peer, but I don’t believe that will work unless the
> peer is also primary – which is not your situation.

Of course it works. The only difference between a normal Primary/Secondary and 
a Diskless Primary/Secondary is that in the latter case, all read operations 
are done on the secondary and data forwarded back to the primary. In normal 
operation both would write and reading would be done locally on the primary.


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