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I had heard that the activity log is larger on 8.4.  If so, what is its max


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This is intended to be the final RC. It is inteded to build and work
on RHEL 5.x (where x >= 3), RHEL 6.x, SELS11SPx, Debian 6, Debian 5
with backports kernels, Ubuntu 10.04. 

I think all the issues reported for rc3 where fixed. Please provide
testing and feedback.

Please note: This is a release candidate, not intended for production.
Please help with testing!

8.4.0rc4 (api:genl1/proto:86-100)
 * Enforce application of activity log after primary crash in user space
 * Features from drbd-8.3: Allow detach from frozen backing devices with the
   new --force option; configurable timeout for backing devices by the new
   disk-timeout option
 * Fixes from drbd-8.3: RHEL 6.1 compatibility, fixes for >16TiB support,
   fixed bit_size negotiation with drbd < 8.3.7
 * Fixed state transitions in case attach fails
 * Fixed OOPS on RHEL5 kernels; By delivering a workaround for a bug in
   RHEL5's header files
 * Renamed --dry-run of connect to --tentative; plus alias in drbdsetup
 * Removed drbdadm --yes option
 * drbdadm got a "help" sub command, that shows the specific options
 * drbdadm can now process all options in random order, and ignores the "--"
   separator; compatibility aliases with the old calling conventions; now it
   is compatible with the pre 8.4 way of calling.


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