[DRBD-user] Documentation request

Mrten mrten+drbd at ii.nl
Wed Jul 6 00:38:57 CEST 2011

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Could the documentation please elaborate a bit more on the difference
between meta-disk and flexible-meta-disk?


I just got bitten by the (as far as I could find) undocumented
difference that 'meta-disk' used a fixes 128M meta-disk size which
limited the size of the array to (in my case) 4TB.

This was noted when booting the array, of course, but only a few hours
later, after a filesystem was created, a database was installed and more :)

Jul  6 00:13:43 nadir kernel: [   19.746006] block drbd0: ==> truncating
very big lower level device to currently maximum possible 8587575296
sectors <==
Jul  6 00:13:43 nadir kernel: [   19.746009] block drbd0: ==>> using
internal or flexible meta data may help <<==

(Yes, I'm using external metadata)

It's been documented on the list in 2009 already:


but it would be *really nice* if I didn't have to wade through the
archives of this list to find out about features.


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