[DRBD-user] "Concurrent local write detected!"

Chris Worley worleys at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 18:44:16 CET 2011

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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 1:22 AM, Felix Frank <ff at mpexnet.de> wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>> But the result is undefined! What should DRBD write to the other member? The
>>> result of the first or the second write?
>>> You are using a tool that permits the execution of stupid I/O streams. Good
>>> for stress testing, but not good for data integrity. If you want undefined
>>> data on a DRBD pair, then disconnect before the I/O, do the undefined thing,
>>> and upon reconnect DRBD will faithfully replicate the garbage. It will still
>>> be  undefined stuff, but it will be identical undefined stuff.
>> Are you seriously thinking that Unix doesn't allow two writes to the
>> same LBA simultaneously?
>> This is part of Unix file system semantics.
>> A dead system is not the proper outcome.
> Color me ignorant, but what have *file system* semantics got to do with
> a block device?

Exactly.  It should have nothing to do with it, but it's causing
lock-outs in the kernel (I'm not sure if that's the proper
terminology, but the output is in previous incarnations of this
thread) that cause spinning media not under DRBD control (i.e. the
root fs) to disconnect (then reconnect as other SD devices... but that
does the previous mounts, i.e. "/", no good).

> But I concur, if at all possible, DRBD should probably have a way to
> serialize writes in such circumstances.
> Cheers,
> Felix

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