[DRBD-user] protocol B in dual-primary mode

Marcus Sorensen shadowsor at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 05:51:54 CET 2011

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> As you also quoted already:
>> > > >>> "in dual primary mode, only protocol C is allowed.
> Does not get much clearer than that, does it.
> You can not use protocol b for dual primary.
> DRBD will not allow you to do so.
> If it does, tell me, as that would be a bug, and needs to be fixed.

That works well, and I'm sure catches 98% of questions, which is
probably good enough.  For the rest of us, we're glad to have the
mailing list to pound it into us.  Some people need to push the
envelope, sticking to a documented procedure and an entry-level wage
is not for everyone. There are some that need to explore what's
beyond, ask the whys, come up with novel solutions, and that's
probably the reason why DRBD was developed in the first place. I'm in
a position now where if I just said "well, we can't do protocol B
because it says so in the documentation", I'd be asked the reason for
the limitation, and whether we could patch it, as in passing it sounds
like it could work for special scenarios.  I'm glad that I don't have
to resort to hours worth of tracing through code to find out.

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