[DRBD-user] Dual primary// GFS2// Cannot mount /dev/drbd0 on second DRBD node

Daniel Meszaros spam at meszi.de
Tue Aug 9 14:28:09 CEST 2011

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Am 09.08.2011 14:06, schrieb Kaloyan Kovachev:
> it is safe (and recommended) to cancel the manual ack, as it will execute
> when xen2 needs fencing (which is not the case right now and thats why it
> does not exit)
> clean_start="1" have done what it was there for, so should be removed now
> - you need quorum to access the gfs without risking data corruption.
Changes in cluster.conf will be taken over after restarting cman, I 
guess. So I will better have to umount and make node2 secondary for the 
while, I guess. Right?

> <fencedevice name="human" agent="fence_manual"/>  - you need a fencing
> device, but use some other method (hint: take a look at fence_xvmd) instead
> of manual. manual fencing is fine for tests, but not for production.
Hmm, the machines' names are still "xen1" and "xen2" as I tested Xen on 
them in the beginning. But for real now I am running KVM on them. :-/

I guess I still need to learn quite a lot until I get this thingy 
running fine... ;-)


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