[DRBD-user] Complex config - critiques?

Guy wyldfury at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 14:17:38 CEST 2010

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I'm trying out a fairly complex configuration across 4 servers.

Each server has 12 300GB partitions on a hardware RAID10 array.
Each server then has 6 primary drbd partitions on it. The secondary drbd
partitions for those 6 are split across the other servers.
2 secondary partitions to each of the 3 remaining servers.

Below is a rough layout. The drbd partitions are numbered and the p/s
indicates whether it's a primary or secondary. I've also kept the primary
and secondary of a given drbd partition on the same logical partition so
that the partition sizes are identical.

storage1 storage2 storage3 storage4
sda41p 1s 11p 11s sda5 2s 2p 12s 12p sda6 9p 6p 6s 9s sda7 5p 10p 5s 10s
sda8 3s 8s 3p 8p sda9 4s 7s 7p 4p sda10 13p 13s 23p 23s sda11 14s 14p 24s
24p sda12 21p 18p 18s 21s sda13 17p 22p 17s 22s sda14 15s 20s 15p 20p sda15
16s 19s 19p 16p

The thinking behind this config is to allow for smaller partitions should a
full resync be needed and in the case of failure of a server, the load if
the failed server gets split across the other 3. The plan is to export the
drbd partitions as NFS shares.
I need space and reasonable load distribution in case of failure, but I have
an extremely limited budget, so I'm hoping this will work. It's configured
and running at the moment. Just beginning to do benchmarking and
testing. Apart from the management complexities inherent in this
configuration, does anyone have any comments or critiques about it?


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