[DRBD-user] 1 Ethernet card 2 port for DRBD and Heartbeat

Reindy reindy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 03:52:31 CEST 2010

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Hi Guys,

I'm having problem installing my drbd, it stucks when I'm starting the drbd
it says ""*No* response from the *DRBD driver*! Is the module *loaded*?" I
installed it on the server that has only 1 ethernet card (2ports) I make
eth0 and eth1. I make bond0 and bond1 which eth0 master=bond0 and eth1
master=bond1. I also installed it again which only use eth0 and eth1.

Either way around, its not working and just stuck or hanging there when I
start the drbd. It came up with the error above "*No* response from the *DRBD
driver*! Is the module *loaded*?"

I was managed to installed this drbd and heartbeat in other server (sun
server or HP server) it was working good.

The sun and hp server got 2 ethernet cards which consists of 2 ports each
(total 4). I use bond0 and bond1, which eth0,eth1 Master=bond0 and eth2,eth3

So my question is, is this got anything to do to make the drbd got such
error as above?is it possible for me to install drbd and heartbeat in only 1
ethernet card that consists 2 port?

I have done so many installation and all working except for this 1 server. I
have no idea whats wrong with that.
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