[DRBD-user] Problem mounting lvm snapshot

Lewis Donzis lew at pt.net
Thu Oct 28 05:48:36 CEST 2010

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> I don't see why a backup on the secondary node would not work 
> as long as the 
> volume you're snapshotting is underneath DRBD. In fact, I've 
> done just that. 
> The data is there after all. Only problem is, that it's in an 
> unknown state. 
> There may be writes in progress. But if your applications can 
> reliably cope 
> with this (like e.g. a good database should), it's certainly 
> an option.

Yeah, I figured it's no worse than recovering after a power failure.  When
the snapshot gets mounted, it will do the normal filesystem recovery.

We contemplated using a "real" shared filesystem in dual-primary mode, but
I assume that the shared filesystems don't perform as well... just a


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