[DRBD-user] looking for ocf resource

Norbert Winkler norbert.winkler at karmel.at
Wed Mar 10 08:48:13 CET 2010

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Hallo I am using opensuse 11.2
  with on booard drbd pacemaker openais
I have installed the things with the e cookbook "Clusterbau..." form 
Michael Schwarzkopf
I red that i should use the ocf resource drbd from the linbit section 
and it is not recomannded to use the drbd ocf resource from the 
heartbeat section
so i looked at drbd.org for rpm files for opensuse. But there is only a 
link to opensuse ( and then i am at the beginning ...)
so does anyone knows how i get dthe linbit ocf drbd for opensuse (mybe i 
only tneed the file and make a  section linbit manually?

So can anyonre tell me thanks

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