[DRBD-user] Placing of DRBD on LVM and GFS2 in guests (KVM), need of Heartbeat/OpenAIS/Pacemaker?

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at riscworks.net
Tue Mar 9 17:03:27 CET 2010

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Hi list,

I'm just scratching my head about following scenario, and I didn't find
similar setups around the interweb (all the setups out there mention
'the whole stack' from block device/DRBD up to the FS used):

I want to virtualize some machines using KVM on a bunch of machines; in
this example, I have two 'real' machines (dom0 in Xen speak), on each of
them there's a few virtualized hosts. I want to share one directory
(e.g. /data) between two of the virtualized hosts (one on each physical

The idea was to create a DRBD device on each 'real' machine, on top of
LVM -- so, I mirror a LV ('LV_mirrored') between those two machines.

This LV is used (on each of the machines) as hdc (hda is the system HD,
hdb used for swap, hdc is '/data') in the KVM environment.

Now, I would like to use GFS2 as the cluster FS I need to run anyways:

+-------------------+                           +-------------------+
|  +-------------+  |                           |  +-------------+  |
|  | LV_mirrored |<=|=========== DRBD ==========|=>| LV_mirrored |  |
|  +-------------+  | (+---------DRBD--------+) |  +-------------+  |
|         |         | (|                     |) |         |         |
|        KVM        | (|                     |) |        KVM        |

|         |         | (|                     |) |         |         |
|  +-------------+  | (|                     |) |  +-------------+  |
|  |    virt_A   |<=|==+======== GFS2 =======+==|=>|    virt_B   |  |
|  +-------------+  |                           |  +-------------+  |
|                   |                           |                   |

+-------------------+                           +-------------------+

The idea behind this is that I'd like DRBD to be run on the physical
hosts instead of the virtualized hosts to save some CPU cycles. As GFS2
is needed in the virtualized machines, I'd have to run it there.

As far as I can see, I can run a relatively 'dumb' DRBD setup on the
physical machines, dual-primary. DRBD should take care of split-brain
situations itself. Locking mechanisms should be provided by GFS2 in the
virtualized environments.

Is this setup 'okay' or can it be improved? Is there anything that can
lead to make this setup go south that I didn't see? Or is the best
solution to put 'the whole stack' (from DRBD on an LV *in* the
virtualized host itself as well as GFS2) inside the virtual machines?

Thanks in advance,

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