[DRBD-user] DRBD+GFS+Multipath+EMC

Bernd Giese bernd.giese at warburg-invest.com
Wed Mar 3 17:16:29 CET 2010

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i have two server with 2 local 10GB LUN'S on two different EMC Systems.

I've created a primary/primary /dev/drbd0 block device with the two LUN's 
as /dev/mapper/xxx devices and the /dev/drbd0 device syncronized fine.

After this i created a volgroup on the /dev/drbd0 device.

Finaly i try to create a Logvol with a gfs Partition and this unfortunatly 

The cluster configuration is ok, because they are running with a shared 
GFS on the same EMC Maschine.

My question now, is there a problem with emc san devices and drbd, because 
emc contraoller is an active/passive controller ?

Or do i have to switch to a primary/standby DRBD-Configuration.

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