[DRBD-user] Problem with DNS and NTP

Reindy reindy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 03:29:43 CEST 2010

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I know this might be not DRBD issues, but it could related to all users here
since most of us using drbd and heartbeat as well. Just curious, anyone
encountered problem with DNS and NTP after reboot their server?

I'm having problem with my DNS and NTP.

For the DNS:
I'm using RHEL4, Bonding and heartbeat.
Bond0 IP address:
Heartbeat or Bond0:0:

Currently, I use my heartbeat ip address for my DNS or in named.conf

Everytime I reboot my server, it says that dns/named successfully started
during the login process but after that when I type nslookup in shell, it
did not show anything at all. But when I restart the named service by using
"/etc/init.d/named restart" I able to nslookup my dns configuration.

I'm confused, what's going on? shouldnt redhat startup process starts my
named? why do I need to restart the service again in order to make it
works.. anyone can help?

For the NTP:
I'm using RHEL4, Bonding and heartbeat.
Bond0 IP address:
Heartbeat or Bond0:0:

I use NTP for server and client. I set my NTP configuration using my
heartbeat IP (

I able to sync from server to client, the problem is also after I reboot the
server. the ntpd is running, but when I trace the wireshark from my server,
actually my server send the packets by using my bond0 ip address
( instead using my heartbeat ip (

But when I restart ntpd "/etc/init.d/ntpd restart"

I trace again from wireshark, the server starts to send packets using my
heartbeat ip address ( which is the way it supposed to be.

I'm confused, whats happening here? is it because my named and ntpd starts
before the heartbeat starts during the startup process when I reboot the

is there a way to tweak the named and ntpd to start after the heartbeat
starts? or any idea on how you guys solved this issue?


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