[DRBD-user] primary node show as diskless

Gerry Kernan gerry.kernan at infinityit.ie
Mon Jun 21 18:33:30 CEST 2010

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I have run into a problem after rebooting the secondary nodein a 2 node drbd setup. After the reboot drbd-overview as 
  0:credit  Connected Primary/Secondary Diskless/UpToDate Br---- /credit ext3 29G 3.7G 24G 14%
Date is being written to the primary node at the moment so iam sure that data on the primary is most up to date, will i have to unmount thefilesyatem an do a full resync or is there a better way?
Gerry Kernan
Suite 17 The Mall,
Beacon court,
Dublin 18.

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