[DRBD-user] "become-primary-on node-name" in a manual primary/secondary fail over environment

Robert @ GMail roberto.fastec at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 20:02:22 CEST 2010

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One kind clarification:

|become-primary-on /|node-name|/|

    Sets on which node the device should be promoted to primary role by
    the init script. The /|node-name|/ might either be a host name or
    the key word |both|. When this option is not set the devices stay in
    secondary role on both nodes. Usually one delegates the role
    assignment to a cluster manager (e.g. heartbeat).

Let say I need to configure |become-primary-on| because my environment 
is cluster manager free. So I set the two drbd.conf with|

||become-primary-on PC1/||/|

Obviously there is not any setting to allow two primaries.
Let say that one day the fail over happen.*
PC1 (the drbd primary) fails. For the time needed to fix PC1 it will 
work PC2 instead and to do this, obviously, somebody manually sets 
drbdadm primary on the PC2.

what happen if PC1 is restored and turned on and they (or me) forget to 
set PC2's drbd  to secondary?

Nothing happen?
Some error message happen?
Warning or error is logged and Sync starts automatically? And later it 
will be my business to swap the primary role...

I suppose the correct answer is the third one, but confirmations and 
(expecially) WARNINGS are welcome.

Thank you

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